Friday, May 27, 2022


“The lady doth protest too much, methinks”

In a jaw-dropping tweet and press conference this week, County Judge Lina Hidalgo said that she expects to be indicted in connection with the now infamous vaccine outreach contract scandal.  At a press conference, Hidalgo went much further, calling out Harris County District Attorney and fellow Democrat, Kim Ogg, for conducting a “politically motivated” investigation.  […]

Poll:  58% of Voters Would Consider Moderate Independent in 2024 And Utah Democrats Make a Surprise Move

In a stunning new poll 58% of voters said they would consider a moderate independent for President in 2024 if there is a rematch between Biden and Trump.  A majority of Americans oppose either Biden or Trump being re-elected in 2024 (Biden-63%, Trump-55%). This poll is consistent with a trend of fewer Americans claiming an […]

A Primer on Mail-In Voting – Part II

Last time, I shared some of the history of voting by mail and the procedures currently used by various states.  Today, I want to focus on two questions: Does voting by mail favor one of the two major parties? Does voting by mail result in more illegal voting? Partisan Advantage? Most of the academic research […]

Harris County Commissioners to Consider $40,000 per Month for No-Bid Contract for “Executive Protection Services”

On tomorrow’s Commissioners Court agenda (Item No. 201) is a request from the Purchasing Department to approve a no-bid contract to XMi Protection, LLC for three months of “executive protection services for the Harris County Office of County Administration” at a cost of $121,000. The proposed contract specifies that the contractor is to provide one […]

A Primer on Voting by Mail – Part I

Before the 2020 election, voting by mail was becoming increasingly popular and common.  Most polls before 2020, showed that voting by mail was also popular across the political spectrum.  But all of that changed in the 2020 election.  Democratic injudicious, ad hoc expansions of the mail-in voting in the 2020 election and Trump’s unsubstantiated broadside […]

Fewer People May Be Dying in the US than Normal

Of all the statistical cacophony to which we have been subjected during the COVID pandemic, there is only one metric that really matters at the end of the day.  How many more people are dying than normal?  This is what epidemiologists refer to as “excess deaths.” It is a fairly simple calculation.  You compare the […]

County Paid $885,000 on the Vaccine Contract after Hidalgo Decided to Cancel It

The more we learn about Harris County’s vaccine outreach contract, the more it stinks.  County records show that shortly after County Judge Lina Hidalgo announced on September 8 that she intended to ask the Commissioners’ Court to cancel the controversial contract, the County rushed through a payment of $885,000 on September 16 covering all of […]

Harris County SAM Party Urges the Bail Bond Boardto Adopt a Minimum Fee for Violent Crimes

Harris County is experiencing a spike in violent crimes. Numerous media reports have shown that a significant portion of the increase in violent crimes have been committed by individuals who have been released on bail. One of the reasons for the increase in the number of defendants accused of violent crimes being released is that some bail […]

Voter Fraud Misinformation

A friend of mine recently forwarded me an email he had received with a link to this webpage, posted by the Texas Nationalist Movement, claiming that there were 33 counties in Texas where more people were registered to vote than the population of citizens over 18 and that this was a “clear sign of election […]

Unpacking the Texas Mail-In Voting Screw-Up

Texas’ new election law (SB1) included for the first time a requirement that mail-in ballots include either the person’s Texas driver’s license number or the last four numbers of their social security number.  The requirement was designed to prevent ballot harvesting.  A UH/TSU poll last year found that Texans favored the requirement by 64-23 and […]