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One week ago, today, I disclosed that Sylvester Turner had accepted approximately $50,000 in campaign contributions from Houston’s strip clubs, most of which are parties to the notorious Sweet 16 agreement.  This is the dark side of pay-to-play.

Because beyond the national embarrassment of having our mayor accept contributions from strip clubs, it is clear their contributions are meant “persuade” Turner extend the Sweet 16 agreement when it expires in 2020.  Based on Turner’s reaction their “persuasion” has been successful.

First, Turner admitted that he had accepted the campaign contributions from strip clubs.  Second, he said he has no intention of returning the money and that he intends to continue to take the strip clubs’ money.  But most telling, his campaign made this stunning statement about the members of the Sweet 16:

Turner Campaign: “These clubs have joined the fight against human trafficking.”

So, the people that the City sued in 2013 for knowingly maintaining “a place where human trafficking regularly occurs” . . . knowingly allowing “pimps to traffic their women inside Treasures . . . through force, fraud or coercion pimps cause these women to engage in prostitution” and for knowingly receiving “a benefit from participating in the prostitution trafficking venture” have now, in Turner’s opinion, “joined the fight against human trafficking.”  This has got be the most miraculous conversion since Paul was struck down on the road to Damascus.

Houstonians who feel strongly about human trafficking have a clear choice.

Turner believes that strip clubs have joined the fight against human trafficking.  I do not. 

Turner will extend the Sweet 16 agreement protection racket.  I will not.