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I cannot even guess at the number of times I heard Sylvester Turner promise to implement zero-based budgeting on the 2015 campaign trail. Here is one such instance during a KUHF radio interview.

The images below are some other instances that Jasper Scherer at the Houston Chronicle found and tweeted out recently.

But within weeks of taking office, Turner began to backtrack:
“You know, we talked a lot about zero-based budgeting,” Turner said. “It’s very, very difficult to do zero-based budgeting in a five-month period. That takes a much longer period of time.” Houston Public Media, January 27, 2016

Four years later, we are still waiting on zero-based budgeting.

If you would like to have a mayor who will actually keep his word and bring zero-based budgeting to City Hall, join our campaign and vote Bill King on November 5.