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At an LGBTQ forum earlier this year Tony Buzbee told those in attendance that he did not vote to repeal the HERO ordinance that was on the ballot in the City election in November 2015 and that he wants to bring the controversial ordinance back.

Technically, what Tony said about not voting to repeal HERO in 2015 was true. But the reason he did not vote to repeal HERO was because he did not bother to vote in the November 2015 election.  Since moving to Houston in 2013, Buzbee has missed 7 of 9 elections, including skipping votes on the City bond election in 2017 and County flood bond election last year.

In fact, the only time Buzbee has voted in a City election in his life was to go vote for Sylvester Turner in the runoff in 2015.

He also omitted telling the LGBTQ audience that he has embraced and been endorsed by their arch-nemesis, Steve Hotze.

Anyone who does not care enough to go vote in critical elections, doesn’t care enough to lead our City. Anyone who modifies where they stand to fit the audience they are in front of cannot be trusted to lead our City.

You may not always agree with me, but you will never have to guess where I stand. We can have a City government that works and one that you can be proud of.

Early voting starts on Monday. Let’s finish what we started in 2015.