Tuesday, December 6, 2022

Bill King

Bill is a life-long resident of the Houston area. He was born and raised in the Clear Lake area, attending Clear Creek High School before going on to the University of Houston to earn an undergraduate degree in political science and a law degree.

He has enjoyed a varied career as a businessman and a lawyer. He began his career with a turbulent, and ultimately unsuccessful, foray in the savings & loan industry in the 1980s. His experience in that industry is retold in his 2009 book, Saving Face. Later in his career Bill served as the national managing partner for Linebarger, Goggan, Blair & Sampson, the president of Southwest Airport Services, Inc. and of counsel to Bracewell & Giuliani.

As an Author

Bill became a published author in 2004 with an opinion essay in the Houston Chronicle on hurricane evacuation. That essay lead to a 10-year relationship with the Chronicle and the publication of over 400 columns and editorials. From 2011-2015, Bill was a member of the Chronicle’s editorial board. In 2015, Bill published a compilation of his columns in Unapologetically Moderate.

As a Leader

In 1996, Bill was elected to the Kemah City Council. He later served as mayor of Kemah from 2001-2005. He was a candidate for mayor of Houston in 2015. He came in second in the general election but narrowly lost the run-off, in the closest mayoral election in Houston’s history.Throughout his life Bill has had a strong interest in a wide range of social, environmental and political issues. He has served on the boards of Interfaith Ministries, the Galveston Bay Foundation, Texas Southern University, Juvenile Diabetes Foundation, Fire Fighters Foundation of Houston, Memorial Hermann Foundation, Houston Methodist Debakey Heart and Vascular Center Advisory Council, CYCLE, the HISD Foundation and many others.

Bill has been recognized by the American Leadership Forum with its Jaworski Leadership Award, the Galleria Chamber of Commerce with its Texas Legend Award, the Galveston Bay Foundation with its Guardian of the Bay Award, and the National Hurricane Conference with its Outstanding Achievement Award.


My Search for the Rational Center in American Politics

Bringing together the best of King’s work, the book explores topics ranging from the demographic revolution sweeping America to the pressing need for Social Security reform to the place of religious faith in politics. King’s reach extends from Houston’s local government scene to the Austin statehouse and the halls of Congress.

Whatever the subject, King’s dispassionate, fact-driven approach to hot-button issues sets him apart from other political observers. His clear explanation of complex subjects provides welcome perspective on topics that have become muddled by partisan interpretations.

Saving Face: An Alternative and Personal Account of the Savings & Loan Crisis

Credit markets frozen. New housing frozen. Record foreclosures. Circular arguments about government responsibility and government fixes. Class action suits by investors. Criminal investigations. If this sounds familiar in 2008, it’s because we lived it before. SAVING FACE is author Bill King s retelling of the savings and loan collapse and its aftermath. Enlivened by his often harrowing experiences as a major player in that industry, SAVING FACE narrates the ways in which the S&L crisis affected the everyday lives of real people at every level of the economy. King shows that eerily similar forces are at play today. King documents the origins of the collapse in Depression era policies that went awry in the 1970s.

About this blog

Bill King has been writing about public policy issues, politics and economics for decades. This blog is a compilation of his previous posts, editorials and columns and a continuation of that tradition. Posts range from local to national issues and focus on fact-based analysis, avoiding hyperbole and partisanship. The site is intended to be an open, respectful discussion of the critical issues of our day.  To that end, we encourage you to posts your comments or if you prefer not comment publicly you are always welcome to email Bill.