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Spend Every Penny of the Drainage Fee on Drainage

Once again hundreds of Houston families are waking up from the nightmare of floodwater rushing into their homes. They, and everyone else who suffered from flooding over the last four years, should be outraged that the City continues to spend only about half the drainage fees they pay each month on actually improving drainage.

The City Does NOT Have a Balanced Budget

At last night's SN12/Garden Oaks mayoral forum, Turner repeated yet again the false statement that he has balanced the City's budget. I corrected him, pointing out that according to the independent auditor last year the City ran a deficit in its general fund of $435...

The Sleaze Just Keeps on Flowing from City Hall

In case you missed it, Amy Davis at KPRC Channel 2 reported Monday on the City Hall connections to the owner of a towing company recently convicted of running a racket that snared scores of Houstonians. Richard Gonzalez was selected by the City to participate in its...

Turner’s Imaginary Memorial Detention Project

The Turner Administration has conceded that little has been done to prevent future floods since Harvey.  Turner and his surrogates have attempted to excuse their neglect by blaming the federal government for not giving them the money to do the necessary work. Turner...

A Plan to Mitigate Flooding in Houston

There are a number of areas around Houston that chronically flood. One of these is south of the Katy Freeway near Memorial City. The City for years allowed intensive development along the freeway without requiring sufficient detention. As a result, neighborhoods to...