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Book Review: Factualness

I recently completed Factualness. It was written by Hans Rosling, a Swedish physician. It is an absolute must read.[i] Rosling worked for decades on world health issues, personally traveling to hot spots of epidemic outbreaks, like the Ebola virus. Through his work he...

A Plan for Fixing City Permitting

I have consistently heard complaints from Houstonians about the difficulty in getting building permits from the City. The complaints mostly centered on exceedingly long delays. Many reported waiting as long as nine months to get a permit approved. The process is so...

Spend Every Penny of the Drainage Fee on Drainage

Once again hundreds of Houston families are waking up from the nightmare of floodwater rushing into their homes. They, and everyone else who suffered from flooding over the last four years, should be outraged that the City continues to spend only about half the drainage fees they pay each month on actually improving drainage.

The City Does NOT Have a Balanced Budget

This week Channel 13’s Ted Oberg reported that early in the Turner administration 126 doctors and executives with Kelsey-Seybold Clinic made campaign contributions of nearly $90,000 on the same day. Kelsey, which is one of our City’s outstanding medical institutions,...

A Plan to Mitigate Flooding in Houston

Our City officials repeatedly make the false claim City's budget is balanced. But according to the independent auditor last year the City ran a deficit in its general fund of $435 million. Here is the portion of the audit that shows that deficit.The City's definition...